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Behaviour Consultations

My approach to working on behavioural issues is to work with both the client and horse to find a solution that works for both of you. I will provide you with information and training to help you to be able to identify and interpret your horse's body language, provide enrichment for your horse throughout the year, and carry out specific rehabilitative training so that you are confident to carry out these techniques yourself and therefore able to maintain solutions long term.

A primary aim will be to rule out any physiological issues that may be causing pain or discomfort, and I may ask you to consult a vet or other paraprofessional before I undertake any work with your horse. Pain and discomfort can be a common cause of behavioural problems so it's important to identify and address these before undertaking any behavioural interventions.


Often, we will begin by addressing management situations, ensuring that your horse is able to behave like a horse as much as possible, and then working on specific training issues as required. For some horses, a change in routine, and adjustments to diet and housing/turnout can make a huge difference to their psychological welfare and thus reduce the severity of behavioural problems.


Clients are part of the change process, are fully informed on why changes are proposed, and will be part of designing the behaviour modification programme to make sure it is compatible for you and to ensure the best possible outcome. 

I do not use natural horsemanship techniques or specific tack or gadgets for my work.


Your horse is the focus and their welfare is the primary concern.


Initial consultation | £150.

This includes:

  • A preliminary discussion with you about the consultation process and our aims for you and your horse

  • Reviewing your case history form and any medical/clinical records you can provide

  • A 2-3 hour visit with you and your horse to assess your horse and their environment and discuss management and training plans with you.

  • I will then research and write up a management and training plan for you and your horse and liaise with your vet where appropriate

  • I will also provide email and phone support for a further 2 months for you.

Written report of my case taking | £75.

Follow up visits or additional training | £50 per session

Travel expenses are 45p per mile (round trip) from CT5 (Whitstable, Kent) postcode area. Click here for a no obligation quote.

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Behaviour Advice Calls | £40

Telephone advice calls are suitable if you need some information to help with general behaviour, management and training.

These are not intended to take the place of a full consultation, however if you seek a full consultation following the call, the cost of the advice call will be deducted from the consultation fee. Advice calls will be approximately 40 minutes.

Lectures & Demonstrations

As a senior lecturer at ARU Writtle since 2009, I am available to give guest lectures and demonstrations for schools, colleges and universities at a variety of educational levels. I also deliver talks for equestrian clubs, riding centres, livery yards and veterinary practices.


Any lecture or demonstration can be theoretical, practical or a combination of both depending on your requirements.


I am able to present in person or through online webinars and recorded lectures.

Please contact me for further details.

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